Confused doctor

Boosting Immunity

Confused doctor

You are probably bored to tears reading about the coronavirus at present, but here is some new information that may just save your life if you do catch it.

It is amazing that the government completely fail to provide any information on what we can do to prevent coronavirus other than washing our hands.

The truth is that government officials and Medical Doctors know very little about maintaining health so it is not surprising that there is no information out there.

I have great respect for Medical Doctors, please do not misunderstand what I am saying. They train incredibly hard, save millions of lives every year and are essential for those times when we are experiencing health issues.

BUT, be very clear about one thing. They have spent their entire lives studying illness and disease, not how to maintain a healthy body and strengthen your immune system.

Medical Doctors often visit me asking for advice about losing weight, managing stress and to treat them for certain illnesses that western medicine cannot cure.

And sometimes when I have health concerns, I seek their advice too.

We are two sides to the same coin.

But back to the main point of this blog today, and that is providing you with some advice on how you can strengthen your immune system so that if you do catch the Coronavirus, you can brush it off like the common flu.

Now, be very clear about one thing. Eastern medicine has a different approach to western medicine.

When you are ill, western medicine will look at the symptoms and will provide you with medications to manage the symptoms or destroy the bacteria or microorganisms that are causing the problem.

Eastern medicine has a different approach. It will strengthen your immune system so that your body is strong and can fight the infection on its own.

Our bodies have survived millions of years of evolution and are strong enough to fight off almost any infection or illness when the internal environment is right.

But unfortunately, due to poor diet, lack of exercise, polluted cities and towns and an excessive amount of stress in our lives, our immune systems tend to be very weak. And it is, for this reason, we become susceptible to viruses, illness and disease.

So if you want to take care of yourself and prevent the Coronvirus from ravaging your body, follow these guidelines.

1) Eat healthily. 80% of illnesses are caused by poor diets and stress. Most of our diets provide inadequate vitamins and minerals to keep the body in a healthy condition as they often contain too much sugar and not enough fresh fruit and vegetables. Therefore, try and cut as much sugar out of your diet as possible as this reduces the efficacy of almost every internal organ. Also, increase your fruit and vegetable intake, especially green leafy vegetables that are full of phytochemicals that boost your immunity. Every time you eat a meal, try to make sure that 50% of everything that you consume is either vegetables, lightly cooked or steamed and eat the equivalent of 1 desert bowl of fresh fruit per day.

2) Take 1-2,000mg of Vitamin C every day.
Vitamin C is the most important vitamin you need to fight colds and flu. If you look at the government recommended daily dose for vitamin C, it is 65mg. A government recommended daily allowance is complete and absolute nonsense! It means that this is the very minimal amount of Vitamin C that your body needs every day just to function. It is not the amount of vitamin C you need to have a healthy immune system.
The only negative effect of overdosing on vitamin C is that it will give you Diarrhea and this is likely to happen if you take more than 3,000mg. But 2,000 mg is a perfectly safe level. I take 1,000 a day for maintenance, but increase this to 3,000 if I ever feel the symptoms of a cough, cold or flu coming along. The older you are, the more vitamin C you need, so for those over 50, I would recommend 2,000mg per day.

3) Exercise. Your body was designed to move. If you do not move your body, stagnation sets in and it becomes like a stagnant pond. As a result, it becomes like a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria. Exercising and drinking plenty of water flushes the toxins out from the body and keeps your internal organs functioning at their optimum level. Thirty minutes a day will maintain health, and an hour will improve it. Do not over-exercise as your body will not recover adequately to defend itself from the virus.
Qi Gong is especially good for maintaining a healthy body as each movement is designed to increase the blood and oxygen to the internal organs allowing them to function at their optimum level and therefore protect them from viruses and bacteria.

4) Reduce stress in your life. Stress takes an incredible toll on your body and is highly underestimated as the route cause of many diseases. When we experience stress our hormonal system that is responsible for all the communication systems in our body go completely wild. As a result, our immune systems are impaired and function poorly. Learn how to de-stress by learning some simple meditation or breathing techniques, available on my website here: Meditation for Beginners

Your health is your responsibility, not your medical doctors. Although the death rate for Coronvirus is low, you can prevent many of the symptoms by taking these simple steps to reduce its effects.

Practising Tai Chi

If you are driving a car and a red warning light starts flashing on the dashboard, what would you do?

A) Ignore it.
B) Smash the light with the sole of your shoe.
C) Take the car to a mechanic.

Now, I imagine that the majority of you would think the obvious answer would be option C, take the car to a mechanic.

Why? Because common sense would tell us that if we ignore it, sooner or later the car will break down and come to a complete standstill. Unfortunately, when it comes to something even more important, like our own health, we quite often choose options A or B.

Pain is the body’s way of telling us that something is wrong. Without pain, we would not snap our hand back from the boiling stove, rest up and allow a broken ankle to heal or seek medical help when that abdominal pain becomes unbearable. Pain is there to let us know that all is not well and action must be taken to alleviate it. Ignoring it (option A) or suppressing the symptoms with medication (option B) is unlikely to solve the problem. So what are the alternatives? What else can we do to beat pain?

If the pain is not a serious health risk, then there are many alternative treatments that can be explored. For muscular pain, Thai, Sports or Remedial massage can be very effective. Muscular pain can often be relieved by deep massage therapy that releases knots in the muscles caused by injury or stress. It also encourages the flow of blood and oxygen to specific areas of the body allowing it to heal naturally. Also, massage can relieve pain in areas where muscle tension is compressing the nerves, such as sciatic pain.

Skeletal and nerve pain can also be relieved with acupuncture. This ancient Chinese therapy has been tried and tested for over 2,500 years and has now become widely accepted all over the world as an effective treatment for pain and treating disease. Using very fine needles, acupuncture stimulates the body’s natural energy and immune system to focus on specific areas of the body bringing them back into balance and encouraging the body’s own natural healing process.

Finally, prevention is better than cure. A great deal of pain can be avoided or reduced with daily exercise and stretching. Tai Chi and Qi Gong are especially good for the over 50’s.

Keeping the muscles strong helps to improve flexibility and posture and thus reduces joint and back pain. Regular weight-bearing exercises also promote bone formation and help prevent forms of bone loss associated with aging.

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