Your Comfort Zone

The Comfort Zone

For those of you who don’t know me very well and wonder why I spend so much abroad, I work […]

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Dying gracefully

Contemplating Death

Do you ever contemplate death? Whenever I am in the UK, I spend as much time with my family as […]

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Amanpuri resort

Wellness Holidays

As you may be aware, 2 months ago I changed my website. The reason being is that I now offer […]

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Smile Meditation

Easy Meditation

Many people I speak to who have tried meditation often tell me how difficult it is and that they can’t […]

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Losing True Love

True Love

I was married once, to a lady who I was with for 7 years. But she left me for another […]

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Brain Power

Boost Your Brain Power

Is it possible to develop our concentration so that we can work more efficiently and prevent our mind from being […]

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Practising Tai Chi

How to Beat Pain

If you are driving a car and a red warning light starts flashing on the dashboard, what would you do? […]

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